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“The Turntable Temptress”


Growing up as a child DJ Jess Ryte took the “Tom Boy” role; dressed like the boys, play sports and didn’t mind getting her hands dirty. Although being a Tom Boy was a part of her personality, she noticed her first love was for Music. Music has always been a huge part of DJ Jess Ryte’s life. In many ways it would be as if music is her second heartbeat.  She set out to learn and master playing the trumpet and clarinet at a young age and continued her passion throughout elementary and high school. After moving from Newark she found herself disconnected from her love. Her mom took all the money that she had and moved her growing family to Willingboro NJ to offer them a better life free from the arguments and pain that the separation had caused. But Jess only had one thing on her mind and that was her music. As a result of her hard work she tried out and made the regionally recognized Willingboro High School First Team Jazz Band as lead trumpet player.  There she won numerous awards and was recognized for being an outstanding musician. But that wasn’t enough. Her love of music and a family with a background in the music industry, along with a Father, Uncle and Cousin who are disc jockeys, it was only a matter of time before she was introduced to two turntables and a microphone.


DJ Jess Ryte, has experienced large and small scale opportunities that other upcoming DJs have not accomplished yet. In her short career she has spun at several Colleges and Universities all along the east coast. She has also been recognized for spinning in a numerous clubs in New Jersey such as, Salvators, and Tabu and New York’s tri state area’s Fashion 40 Lounge, Silhouette Lounge, Club Fuzion, and Mars 2112. DJ Jess Ryte has also spun at some well know venues in Philadelphia such as The Blue Horizon, Red Sky, Blue Martini, Solo, Glam and many more.


Going thru the rollercoaster times of her Professional DJ career, she come to accept where she is currently and know what changes she has to make to take her career to the next level. As she progress forward DJ Jess Ryte goals are to get more of a viral base, increase her fan base and Artist networking. Now that she has acquired the Promotional and PR services of Tawag Promotions; DJ Jess Ryte believes that all her goals will be accomplished and she will get the viral promotions desired. As the year progresses forward DJ Jess Ryte plans to continue masterstering her DJing craft and getting the desired exposures deserving of her talents.

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