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Queens, Ny

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The Chief Rocka

The Chief Rocker DJ Mark B 


The Chief Rocker DJ Mark B hails from Jamaica Queens NY in Adesliegh Park (St. Albans) one of the greatest cities for music. He was influenced by some of his musical and athletic neighbors such as Count Bassie, James Brown, Brook Benton, Lena Horne, Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth. DJ Mark B’s Biggest musical influence came from his mother Tessie Brown and His Father Lee Bester who used to throw parties and make mixed tapes in the 60’s and 70’s. DJ Mark B started as a drummer in a local band at age ten. There was a new era of music called Hip Hop and DJ Mark B turned in his drum set for some turntables and era of DJing began. DJ Mark B learned from the best (YouTube the founder fathers and it will give you real history of Hip Hop) such as New Sounds, King Charles, Disco Twins, Cypher Sounds, Infinity Machine and The Disco Spinners. Some of the great MC” s at that time were Hank span, Pete DJ Jones, The Chief Rocker Frankie Crocker, the Chief Rocker Bizzy Bee (, where I got my name from) Eddie Cheeba, DJ Hollywood, Mellie Mel, and Grand Master Caz. Etc. DJ mark B took that experience and played all around town with his crew. They even played at the world-famous Club Fantasia (that is featured in the song Jamaica Funk by Tom Brown) in Queens Ny.


 When DJ Mark B graduated HS he turned in his turntables for engineering books. He moved to Atlanta Ga. To get two degrees in Electronic Engineering. DJ Mark B worked in corporate America in engineering. In 1992 his brother DJ Biz landed a DJ job at the Famous Club Illusions. Biz invited me to play and the rest is history! I started playing every week with some of the most famous artist’s and radio personalities such as Tupac, Biggie, Kid Capri, Mitch Faulkner, Jerry Smokin B, Melissa Summers, Magic and Greg Street. And the nationally recognized Sasha the Diva.DJ Mark B expanded his club and radio play including but not limited to V’s on Peachtree, Club Al Copanes, Club Echelons, Sand Castle, Club Rumors, Harristons, Chit Chats, Marshall’s, the Crab Spot, The Fox Theater, Lake wood Amphitheater, radio stations 88.5 FM, 89.3 FM, 97.1fm and kiss 104 fm.


 In 2013 DJ Mark B met the greatest radio personality of his career in Sasha The Diva. She heard me play at CAU’s home coming and gave me an opportunity. Sasha the Diva let me work with her at The Crab Spot which now legendary for great food and Music. Sasha the Diva the brought me into Kiss 104.1 to work with her in her nationally famous show she created called the Divas Den (which is hour commercial free music) The show received great reviews. Sasha the Diva then was promoted to Westwood One and she wanted me to work with her again. I am honored to be one of the DJ’s for The Rick and Sasha radio show. Music is my calling and community service is my Life!



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