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Selma , Al

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A musical experience that touches your soul and motivates, some say, are the elements that are missing in today's dynamic. Fortunately for music enthusiast DJ Naturel is crusading to fill that void. Those who have had the privilege to experience a DJ Naturel performance can attest to three things; you will party, you will sweat, and you will not want to leave. The Selma, Alabama native and current Atlanta party rocker developed her knack for musical selection at an early age curating the Saturday morning playlists for her family as they cleaned their house. She quickly realized her record selections consistently generated a positive reaction turning mundane chores into moments of joy that brought smiles to the entire family. Although her talent and interest in musical pursuits were evident early on it was not until 2007 that DJ Naturel began purposefully pursuing her passion, bursting on to the scene in Atlanta providing the soundtrack for numerous dancefloors all over the city.


Today, DJ Naturel is widely known for bringing palpable soul and sonic versatility to a world where genre matters less and less. Drawing inspiration from the legendary DJ Jamad, her distinctive style effortlessly blends her favorite genres of soul, house, and underground hip-hop into a musical soufflé that sounds so sweet. She may have her favorite genres but do not be misled, DJ Naturel is well equipped with the skill to adapt to the musical preference of any crowd. This adaptability has opened up opportunities for DJ Naturel all over the country such as her recent residency as the corporate brand DJ for Dr. Miracle’s Hair Care Company at the Essence Music Festival held in New Orleans. In addition to her corporate performances DJ Naturel has flexed her musical muscle at countless celebrity engagements and opened up for numerous artists including Teedra Moses, Eric Roberson, and more. Her superior skills on the turntables have also resulted in her lifelong dreams becoming reality performing alongside legendary acts such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Spinderella on separate occasions.


DJ Naturel is currently focusing energy on creating custom mixtapes for her various clients. She is most proud of her recent release titled “Ultra Sheen Supreme” which many say is her best work to date. Ever the goal setter, DJ Naturel now has her sights set on becoming the official touring DJ for a major artist or corporate brand in the near future. In the meantime, DJ Naturel will continue to provide the highly curated sounds at your favorite concerts, events, and parties. When asked about her passion DJ Naturel says, “I love music and being a DJ is like being a crowd conductor, we control emotions and it’s great to see people having a good time.” Party people can rest assured there are more good times to be had courtesy of DJ Naturel. It is widely agreed that those who are the greatest at what they pursue must possess an undying passion for their craft, relentless dedication, and superior talent. These aforementioned traits will continue to separate DJ Naturel from the rest of the pack.

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