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34 years in the game and still going strong! J- Spin grew up in New York where he spent countless hours watching his cousin DJ family functions and parties around the neighborhood.  J always had an ear for what was hot, he would feel the crowd out and suggest the next song for cousin to play. J always gave the crowd exactly what they wanted at that moment! His Cousin began to depend on him to make the music selection as they knew J would have the people jumping up on their feet.  At 15, J was sneaking out the house and into the world famous “Roxy” nightclub in New York City just to watch his cousin spin with the worlds greatest DJ’s such as DJ Red Alert and DJ Larry Levan. J was hooked and bought his first turntable at 16 with money he earned mowing grass in the summer of 1986. J began to master his skills and was inspired by DJ’s such as Jazzy Jeff and Long Islands finest Johnny Juice. Over the last 20 years, J has acquired an eclectic library of music which he continuous to expand, taking you from LL Cool J, Michael Jackson, Guns & Roses to Drake without missing a beat.


In 1994 J-Spin moved to Atlanta and started a family.  Family came first and the priorities changed. “Putting down the turntables was the hardest thing I ever had to do” but, I have no regrets because I have 7  healthy, beautiful soldiers who always keep me grounded” J’s passion and his dreams would sit in the basement until one day, he decided he could do both! Balance was the key and with this new found epiphany, J dusted off his turntables in 05’ and started to spin, it was if he has never left the game.  He booked his first party a few weeks later and it was FIRE! J established NextCut Ent in 2008 and like every thing else he touches, has turned to gold. This business venture has proven to be a success and he continues to book Weddings, Birthday parties, Family Reunions and Club gigs around the country.  


 J continues to redefine music as we know it and his mixing style is like no other.  With such musical prowess he is now requested to DJ at events across the country. Although his schedule keeps him busy, J stays humble yet hungry for what the future has in store for him. 

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