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Dj Perry P grew up in the DMV and is a professional dj/mixologist, with Jamaican roots and a true love for that DC Go Go crank sound. He came to Atlanta Ga , to attend college and it was there that he met his long time mentor, friend, confidant and brother; the New York native, "Chief Rocker Dj Mark B' ...

With a 30 plus year friendship, the two have collaborated to dj and entertain in some of the top clubs, bars, restaurants, organizations and more, throughtout the South East Region.

Being a Dj is more thjan just placing records onto turntables, loading cds into a cdjs or uploading tracks onto a laptop, but it's without any doubt.. A deep, deep passion to put hot beats and smooth rhythms together, to create a festive atmosphere of joy for all to experience.  We like to say. 

"Saving Lives Through Music"

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