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Mixing and mastering his craft has been a daily routine for Atlanta Based Producer and DJ, Kalisemo. From a young age, he has understood the fundamentals of carrying music through people to give them a sense of enjoyment in that moment.

Many have described his style of music self expression, as a challenge to the norm, edgy and unconventional fusion of hip hop sounds. With this stylistic approach he has been able to build relationships and residency throughout some of the hottest Venues and Lounges in the the Atlanta Metropolitan area. From City Winery & Ponce City Market Rooftop, to Empire Lounge there is not a space in the growing metropolis that has not heard the sounds of DJ Kalisemo.

A self-starter by nature, in conjunction with his continuance and skill set, he has created a high level of proficiency to hold crowds for some of the top entertainers in the music industry. Including Bad Boy entertainment’s ‘112’, Kever & Keke Wyatt, Stephanie Mills and Bobby Valentino. Full of vigor and vitality Dj Kalisemo is not limited to the scene and culture of the Urban city, which has positioned him to DJ corporate events alongside people such as, Award winning DJ FadeIf. In addition, he has performed and held the attention of audiences at Charity Events with the non profit organization called “Hip Hop Gives Back”.

When not behind the tables, Dj Kalisemo, pieces together sounds to produce for some of the hottest up and coming artist in the industry. By working with emerging artist, he is able to help them hone in on their creative sound and pull out of them their deepest talents, while simultaneously creating his own passionate work.

With his drive in place he now has the ultimate goal of being able to commercialize his truth without losing his artistry by using gimmicks. A Dj’s overall goal is to grasp the attention of the masses and fuse together music, people, and creative expression in one room. With full understanding through faith and belief in his artistry, he is able to overcome all his endeavors to be the ultimate universal sound that moves from peoples minds to their souls.

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