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Bring the beat back! For music maestro, DJ Kam, that is never a problem! Spinning music is the heart
beat of this Heavy-Hitter. Across the country, DJ Kam is a well-known master of the turntables, known
to make the party people rock. Always following the sound of “good music” DJ Kam is a legend in his
own time.
Born in the mecca of Hip-Hop, New York City, DJ Kam is a Brooklyn native. As a young boy, on into his
formative teenage years, Kam ‘s curiosity of the rebellious young Hip Hop culture, in its golden era,
began to grow. Radio influences of the time such as Mr. Magic and DJ Red Alert, embedded in him the
desire to study the art form of “DJing”. So when DJ Kam’s parents moved him from the Empire State of
mind of NY, to the Garden State suburbs of NJ, the seeds of Hip-Hop philosophy only blossomed and
sent DJ Kam further into discovering his journey in the jungle of Hip-Hop. Although young Kam was
uprooted from the big city of dreams, he says the move probably was what enabled him to forge
towards a future career in music.
Packed in Kam’s bags at his new residence was a bundle of creativity waiting to be unleashed. Without
many new friends in the subdued suburbs, Kam turned to what he loved…music. Kam went about
experimenting with his older cousin’s records and turntables. In order to deter Kam from destroying his
goods, cousin Tyree began to teach him how to operate his DJ tools and make Kam’s hands command
control over the music. Kam had taken creative mental notes from years of listening to Hip-Hop
forefathers DJ Kool Herc, Grand Wizzard Theodore, Afrikka Bambaataa, and DJ Marley Marl. Now with
the technical training, he combined the two and began to make a name for himself throughout his new
town. From his first paid DJing job at age 13, to Kam establishing himself as the premier in-house high
school DJ, Kam became the “it” guy on the party scene. His passion for DJing superseded all of his other
hobbies of basketball, football, and baseball, as he studied radio and TV in school. Kam had even
enlisted himself as the 1 st on-air daily radio DJ his high school had ever had! Kam states, “I was good at it
and being compensated for it…” this was an excellent motivator for the once shy kid from out of town.
This one time musical fantasy had now become a reality…and Kam continued to follow the music.

Kam did make an attempt to pursue a more traditional career path after high school. But something in
him continued to say “Bring the beat back”, thus Kam went on to study radio broadcasting at
The Art Institute of Philadelphia. From there DJ Kam’s career has taken him to the studios of
Princeton, NJ radio station WPRB 103.3 (1988-1993), to a buyer for 2 record stores, as well as ownership
in the Music Factory Record Store (1988-1997). Kam states that he kept “an ear to the streets” which
kept the music lover able to do his job so effectively. Finally in 1998, DJ Kam transitioned onto
mainstream radio in Philadelphia, the nation’s #7 radio market, to work for Radio One’s 103.9 The Beat.
DJ Kam was a fixture at the station, holding a 10 year posture as one of Philly’s more sought after DJ’s.
He created mix shows for the morning, day, and night shifts. Kam eventually went on to work as a
trailblazing mixologist for XM radio. During his stint on the satellite frequency, radio listenership went
from the thousands up to 10 million listeners per day! Kam has gone on to provide his unique blends to
television viewers on cable networks through Music Choice programming, which services over 50 million
subscribers across the United States. At the present, DJ Kam and his business partners have collectively
started an internet station entitled Free Agent Radio, which will simply keep good music of varying eras
of the Hip Hop and R&B genres at its core.
DJ Kam considers himself a “fan of music”. So even though music celebrities such as Kanye West, Busta
Rhymes, Ray J, and others have requested him to create the sound for their album release parties and
other events…Kam remains humble to the music. “My job is purely passion. I provide an
entertainment service. People work hard all week. My turntable and I allow for an escape…where
people can release their anxieties, and just let go and ride with the music.”
Trailblazer…DJ Kam’s undeniable love for music, continues to allow him to be a movement to not be

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