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ThatDj SPIN, a Providence, RI native, now residing in Atlanta has came a long way.  At the young age of 6, ThatDj SPIN formed his immense passion for DJing , which had propelled him to hone his talents as he steadily landed DJing gigs and small club appearance in his early 20’s. This led him landing several positions, including Southern New England’s #1 Rated Urban Program on 95.5 WBRU which he began in 2008 as the live mix show DJ.  He impacted the air waves with a very distinguished, and very powerful energy. Along with his signature scratching, blending, and creative mixing techniques, ThatDj SPIN delivers the best variety on every Radio station that he has touched across the country. 

Radio has served as a catalyst for ThatDj SPIN’s talents, aiding him as he has added the DJing and hosting of major concerts, clubs and shows to his credits.  In doing so, ThatDj SPIN has remained appearing  at several community events and functions.

Even with the rigors of maintaining his ever-expanding career, ThatDj SPIN purposely dedicates time to giving back to the community.  Crime prevention, youth development and Ministry are among the issues ThatDj SPIN covers as he contributes to the improvement of the community. Music and development are always a part of the dialogue. The work ThatDj SPIN does with various organizations is a deliberate effort by Spin to use his local celebrity as a vehicle to positively influence and encourage the generation that respects and supports him.

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