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DJ Ghost has been in the music game for a minute: 30+ years to be exact. Originally from Providence, RI (birthplace) she is twice removed from Boston and once removed from Baltimore County. She is 3rd in line in a family of DJs. She is also the host/creator of the Ladies Room - which was born on college radio in Rhode Island and syndicated on several websites over the years. Ghost is also the First Lady and one of five founding members of The 5 Star Generals DJ Crew: a spinoff from the TastemakerDJs - Atlanta collective - now the Wrecking Crew Allstars on 91.1 WREK, Atlanta. She has been a member of several crews over the years - who all are still like family to this day - including The WREKroom Renaissance,, Nextcut Entertainment, Smashmouth FM, & the legendary Jovan's Nightclub in Providence, RI just to name a few. Currently she is on and Live89 FM.

Ghost has traveled the globe from Miami to Finland to Estonia and back to grace the tables. She can now be found online and in showcases around town more than in clubs - by choice. "I have more of a love for the culture than I do the money or notoriety it brings. Making people happy through music is enough for me."

But before all else - Ghost is a mom to two really beautiful young women. She is also an educator teaching Engineering & Technology in Clayton County, GA during the school year and Aerospace & Aviation at the Morehouse TRiO Math & Science Southeastern division program during the summers. "I'm pretty much a mom to over 200 plus kids a year."

To find all the social media outlets for DJ Ghost and The Ladies Room, just look up DjGhost5000 on any social media site or Google or find her right here on

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